နူ ဝိက်ရှေန်နရဳ

ဆက်ဗဵုအာဝေါဟာ( man'yōgana )ညိအဴ။

အင်္ဂလိက် [ပလေဝ်ဒါန်]


ဝေါဟာကၠုၚ်နူ ဂျပါန် 万葉仮名


  • manyogana
  1. မာန်ယိုကနာ
  2. အက္ခရ်မာန်ယိုကနာ
  3. An ancient/early Japanese syllabary in which Chinese characters represented sounds instead of their regular meaning as they again do today in the form of kanji; it was the predecessor of hiragana and katakana, present Japanese syllabaries; used in the Manyoshū, a poetic anthology.
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